Complete Measuring Systems

With the PTP® measuring systems, the user has an all-round carefree package for the soldering processes. From high-precision temperature measurement of electronic components to process control, the complete measuring system gives the user everything he needs to measure accurately and efficiently.

Reflow-Convection Measuring System

The measuring board Reflow V5 and measuring electronics PTP® make an ideal and versatile instrument for process recording, analysis and optimisation available.

Vapour Phase/Vacuum Measuring System

An all-round carefree package for high-precision process control in the vacuum and vapour phase soldering process.

Wave Measuring System

The complete wave system is designed for the special requirements of high-precision temperature measurement and process control in the wave soldering process. Consisting of the proven PTP® electronics and wave measuring board, the complete system gives the user everything he needs to control his process with the highest accuracy.