Measuring Boards

With the increasing importance of process quality and process control, globalPoint ICS has developed sophisticated measurement boards that are specifically adjusted to individual soldering processes. Many years of know-how in thermal processes combined with the best technology available on the market guarantee highest precision and long-term stability of the measuring boards for optimal process control.

Measuring Board Reflow V5

The measurement board Reflow V5 is designed to control the system parameters and their optimization in the reflow soldering system.

Measuring Board VAPOURPHASE VP

The VP measuring board has eight thermocouples of the highest accuracy class. These are placed on specially designed measuring fields with excellent long-term stability and are optimized for the vapour phase and vacuum process. The VP measuring board is designed to control and optimize the system parameters during these two processes.

Measuring Board Wave V6

The wave V6 measurement board is designed to control the system parameters and to optimize them in the wave soldering system.

Measuring Board Selective

Customer-specific version. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.